Various mental and physical health benefits are attached to love making has but there also other benefits attached to it like they can treat some diseases and conditions as well. Love making can treat various problems related to the cardiovascular system and improve’s your circulation, digestion and mental health. To see love making helps treat certain ailments continue to read the article below.

1. Improves your heart function

The functioning of your heart will be improved by more and quite often love making the risk of heart attack and stroke also reduces.

2. Relieves headaches

The levels of endorphins and oxytocin in the blood also rise because of love making,  those hormones help your mind and body to relieve headaches.

3. A great antidepressant

Love making is a powerful antidepressant which can also improve your self-esteem.

4. Treats insomnia

Your body and mind will be relaxed by love making as it treats insomnia by making you fall asleep easier.

5. Prevents urine leakage

The muscles in the area around the pelv*s also get strengthen up because of love making and it also prevents urine leakage.

6. Treats the flu

The flu can be treated and prevented by love making. As during the process, it raises the antibody count and strengthens the immune system, preventing it in such a manner that any kind of viral and bacterial infections wont take place.

7. Prevents muscle overload

Love making can basically prevent muscle overload and treat muscle and joint pain. Which is a great form of treatment without any medication.

8. Makes your skin glow

The number of toxins in your skin reduces because of love making and which makes your skin glow.

9. Improves your prostate health

The health of your prostate will improve with love making and chances of prostate cancer reduces as well.

10. Reduces the risk of breast cancer

ove making also reduce the risk of breast cancer it as similar to the risk of prostate cancer. Body release oxytocin during love making releases a hormone that plays a major role in the reduction of breast cancer.

And as a matter of fact, love making also improve your health, therefore we recommend you to be intimate with your partner more often. Love making also improves one’s overall health beyond a source of pleasure.

Source: https://radbeaver.com/diseases-that-can-be-cured-by-making-love-everyday/