We’ve heard it time and time again. Breakfast isthe most important meal of the day. When you’re rushing out the door with not a minute to spare, you may be tempted to roll your eyes at the age-old adage and hold off until lunch to fuel your body.

But, remember this. A healthy diet requires a holistic approach. This means you should not only consider what you eat, but also when you eat. As you’ll see below, eating a healthy breakfast promotes an overall healthier lifestyle. Many tout the benefits of weight loss, but you should also think about the positive effects eating breakfast has on the health of your mind and body. Here are 11 of the greatest health reasons you should never skip breakfast:

1. Better academic performance. If you’re a parent, breakfast for your little ones should never be an option. According to a 2013 study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, breakfast helps children perform better in school. The study shows that when a healthy breakfast is part of a child’s regular routine, she has higher grades and performs better on achievement tests, particularly in mathematic subjects.

2. More energy. Researchers at the University of Worcester found that a high protein, low glycemic index breakfast is associated with higher energy levels. Feel better throughout the day by starting out with a proper breakfast. The Chopra Center recommends a flavor-rich “Mexican Scramble,” made with eggs, black beans, tomato, onion, spinach, and avocado.

3. Prevent liver disease. The above study from the University of Worcester found habitually eating a breakfast made of high protein, low glycemic index foods helps prevent metabolic and liver disorders, including non-alcohol fatty liver disease.

4. Better blood sugar. Consumer Reports found that eating within two hours of waking helps maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels throughout the day. This is why it is important diabetics eat a healthy breakfast. Try scrambled eggs with bell peppers and tomatoes in a whole wheat tortilla, as recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

5. Prevent binge-eating. One reason eating breakfast is associated with losing weight, is because morning fasting leads to the excess production of hunger hormones. This means you are more likely to overeat during lunch. Eric Rimm, Sc.D., professor at the Harvard School of Public Health emphasizes this point when he tells Consumer Reports, “After a healthy breakfast your blood sugar increases a little bit, but it will take a while for your body to absorb it . So you might not be hungry for lunch for 5 hours.”

6. Protect your heart. Consumer Reports says people who do not eat breakfast are 27 percent more likely to develop heart disease than those who do. People who do not eat breakfast are also at risk for high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

7. Prevent type 2 diabetes. According to Consumer Reports, people under the age of 65 who skip breakfast a few times a week are 28 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Don’t take a chance. Eat a nutritious breakfast, such as Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit.

8. Exercise more. If you have trouble motivating yourself to exercise, it may simply be an issue of lacking energy. Consumer Reports cites a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found people who eat breakfast are more likely to be physically active in the morning than those who skip their morning meal.

9. Support a healthier diet. Eating breakfast helps promote healthy eating habits throughout the day, says Body Nutrition. This is likely because breakfast reduces sugar cravings for the rest of the day. People who eat breakfast tend to have higher intakes of fiber and micronutrients.

10. Burn more calories. Body Nutrition says eating breakfast revs the body’s metabolism, making it easier to burn more calories throughout the day. This is yet another reason people who eat breakfast tend to lose more weight than those who do not.

11. Boost mental function. Consumer Reports says eating breakfast boosts memory and attention, as well as reasoning and creativity. If you want to perform your best, get smart about eating breakfast.

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