Store-bought mayonnaise is a mystery condiment to many. Hellmann’s, one of the most popular brands of mayonnaise, is made with soybean oil, water, eggs, vinegar, salt, sugar, and lemon concentrate. You may be familiar with mayonnaise as a sandwich spread, but you may not know it can be used in other ways.

Don’t limit its use to the kitchen. Try these 15 clever and surprising uses of mayonnaise:

1. Relieve sunburn. Replace aloe vera with mayonnaise to relieve sunburn, as recommended by All You.

2. Soften cuticles. All You suggests soaking your nails in mayonnaise for 5 minutes to soften cuticles. It’s a luxurious way to begin an at-home manicure.

3. Condition hair. Get shiny, healthy, beautiful hair by using mayonnaise as conditioner, as recommended by All You.

4. Kill lice. One of All You’s favorite, albeit most unusual, uses for mayonnaise is as a treatment for lice. Massage mayonnaise into the scalp, cover with a shower cap, and allow the mayonnaise to soak in over night. Rinse the next morning.

5. Moisturize dry skin. The oil and vinegar in mayonnaise make it wonderfully nourishing for dry skin. Rachel Ray recommends applying mayonnaise to dry skin and allowing it to soak in for 10 minutes. Use a damp cloth to wipe the skin clean.

6. Shine silver. You may be surprised mayonnaise is among the best natural silver polishers. Rachel Ray explains this is because the lemon and vinegar work away tarnish.

7. Shine houseplants. If your houseplants are losing their luster, rub mayonnaise onto the leaves using a paper towel. According to Rachel Ray, the oils in the mayonnaise will make the leaves shine.

8. Clean water stains. Rachel Ray recommends replacing furniture polish with mayonnaise when removing water stains from wood. This method is especially effective on patio furniture.

9. Remove a ring. If you’ve got a ring stuck on your finger, don’t let the finger turn blue. Follow the advice of Premeditated Leftovers and dip your finger in mayonnaise. The ring will slide right off.

10. Fix a squeaky door. Oil squeaky door hinges with mayonnaise to silent them, advices Premeditated Leftovers.

11. Clean light switches. Light switches and their plates can start to look grimy if not cared for. Premeditated Leftovers suggests giving yours an update by applying mayonnaise with a wash cloth. Wipe clean with a dry, clean cloth to reveal sparkling white light switches.

12. Polish piano keys. Like light switches, piano keys can fall victim to dust and dirt. Shine them by applying mayonnaise with a soft cloth. After a few minutes, wipe away, as suggested by Food Network Canada.

13. Unstick gum from hair. Put the scissors away next time your kids get gum stuck in their hair. Food Network Canada recommends rubbing mayonnaise on the hair to easily pull the gum away.

14. Remove stickers. For stubborn price tags and stickers, dap a spot of mayonnaise. All You says you can also use this DIY trick on bumper stickers.

15. Remove crayon. If your kids have turned your living room walls into a canvas, follow the advice of All You and coat the wall with mayonnaise. Allow the mayonnaise to set for 5- 10 minutes before wiping the walls down with a clean cloth.

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