Physical activity is important for your overall well-being, including your mental and physical health. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to hit the gym.

However, a simple walk can do the trick for you. A 15-minute walk a day can actually prolong your life. A group of scientists observed a group of 95 participants aged between 30 and 60. They found that those who walked regularly were able to prevent premature aging.

If you do not have enough time to exercise, just go for a walk.

Walking improves cardiovascular health

Scientists of Harvard conducted three studies to determine the benefits of walking and its effect on cardiovascular health. Here are the results:

  • About 10.269 male graduates walked nine miles per week and experienced 22% lower death rate
  • About 44.452 health professionals walked half an hour a day and reduced their risk of coronary artery disease by 18%
  • About 72.488 female nurses walked three hours per week and had a 35% lower risk of cardiovascular death and heart attack and 34% lower risk of stroke.

Health benefits of walking

  • Cognitive performance

Regular walking improves the cognitive performance in children and adults.

  • Better mood

Regular walking improves mood as reported by 2016 study. It was found that regular 20-minute walks improve self-confidence and alert.

Researchers have found that regular walks improves the function of the nervous system and result in drop of hostility and anger.

  • Hypertension

Moderate walking has the power to lower the risk of hypertension.

  • Pain relief and mobility

An article released in the American Heart Association confirmed that regular walks improves mobility in people with peripheral artery disease (PAD).

  • Diabetes

The Health study of the Harvard nurses showed that women who walk half an hour every day have a 30% lower risk of diabetes. It also lowers abdominal fat which is actually the top cause of diabetes.

  • Cancer prevention

The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention conducted a study according to which women who walk 7 hours per week have a 14% lower risk of developing breast cancer. The researchers at the University of Carolina and Harvard University confirmed that men who walk 3 hours per week prevented the recurrence of their prostate cancer.

  • Digestion

Tara Alaichamy, a physical therapist at Cancer Treatment Center in America explains that walking improves bowel movement. Patients who had abdominal surgeries are always advised to have a walk as it improves the function of the muscles in the abdomen while stimulating the bowel movement.

  • Bone health

Being physically active helps you prevent osteoporosis, fractures and shrinking of the spine. Walking is important for your bone density, and you should do it regularly to strengthen your bones.

  • Longevity

Walking reduces the risk of mortality. Researchers observed the data of 334,000 people in the Europen Prospective Investigation, and found that 20-minute walks reduces the death rate by 7%.

  • Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers at the University of Virginia Health System found out that men aged between 71 and 93 who walk more than a quarter mile every day had 50% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Improve your walking

Right place – Walk about 3.5 miles an hour to burn calories. Smaller and faster steps are also great.

Right posture – Keep your head straight and your chin parallel to the ground, while holding your shoulders down.

Comfortable footwear – Always sport low-heeled, lightweight, cushioned shoes that are also flexible. Do not wear stiff footwear because you need them to bend.

Swing your arms – In this way you engage your upper body, and your pace will go up.

Incline walk – Walk up and down a cliff or hit your treadmills to burn more calories and melt fat.

Extra tips

  • Walk to your office or school
  • Get off the buss a few stops before your home
  • Use stairs instead of elevators
  • Walk after your lunch
  • Park a few streets away from your home
  • Have a walk after your dinner
  • Walk-and-talk meetings are great
  • Walk while listening to a podcast
  • Walk your dog

Walking is the best thing you can do for yourself, and it has a brilliant effect on your overall health.

Put your shoes on and go for a walk!

Source : https://www.homeremediesnaturalcures.com/2019/02/12/15-minutes-of-walking-on-a-daily-basis-can-change-your-body-drastically/