The belly and hips are problem areas when it comes to the weight loss. That’s why we have listed the most effective exercises for burning fat from your belly and hips. These exercises are intensive, so you need to get ready for a tough workout. Let’s get down to it!

This set of exercises will make all your muscles groups work. Don’t forget to warm yourself up with the help of cardio before you start your actual training. You should also stretch your muscles after training. It helps to prevent pain the next day.

Do the following exercises: Bird Dogs, Bodyweight Squats, Clams, Crunches, Dead Bug, Double Crunches, Double Side Jackknifes, Reverse Crunch. Each of these exercises makes 25 reps.

#1. Bird Dogs

– Position yourself on all fours with knees underneath the hips and wrists under the shoulders. Engage your abs and keep your spine neutral, pulling the shoulder blades towards the hips.

– Lengthen the left leg until it is straight out and in line with your hips while simultaneously raising and straightening your right arm until it is parallel to the floor. Keep your head and shoulders aligned at all times.

– Gently lower your arm and leg back to the starting position and alternate with the other arm and leg.

#2. Bodyweight Squats

– Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Your toes should be pointing straight ahead or only slightly outward. Cross your arms in front of your body, place your hands behind your head (prisoner squat) or at the sides of your head.

– Keep your weight on your heels and bend your knees while lowering your hips towards the ground as if you are sitting down on a chair. Keep your back straight at all times.

– Continue until you feel a slight stretch in your quadriceps. Pause for a count of one. Do not let your knees extend out beyond the level of your toes.

– Return to the start position by pushing down through your heels and extending your hips forward until you are standing straight. Repeat.

#3. Clams

– On a mat or comfortable surface, lie on your left side. Place your left hand behind your head while placing your right hand across your body.

– Bend your stacked knees so that your feet are behind you. Begin the movement by lifting the left knee up while keeping the feet together.

– Pause at the top of the movement and slowly lower your left knee down to the starting position.

#4. Crunches

– Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground, with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Alternatively, you can place your feet up on a bench a few inches apart with your toes turned inwards and touching.

– Place your hands lightly on either side of your head. Keep your elbows in so that they are parallel to your body. Push your back down flat into the floor to isolate your abdominal muscles. Gently curl your shoulders forward and up off the floor.

– Continue to push down into the floor with your lower back. Raise your shoulders about four to six inches only. Hold and squeeze your abdominal muscles for a count of one. Return to the start position in a smooth movement.

#5. Dead Bug

– Lie on your back. Extend hands straight above towards the ceiling. Bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle. Shins should be parallel to the floor. Exhale and bring hips off the floor.

– Begin by extending one leg forward. The foot should be hovering just above the ground.

– Pause then return the leg to it’s starting position while extending the opposing leg. Keep alternating legs while maintaining a tight core.

#6. Double Crunches

– Lie on your back. Bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle. Shins should be parallel to the floor. Place your hands behind your head and bring your shoulders off the ground.

– Exhale and contract your abdominals. Bring your head towards your knees while moving your knees toward your chest.

– Pause and return to the starting position.

#7. Double Side Jackknifes

– Bring yourself to the ground and lie on your left side. Be sure to stack your feet. Place your left hand on your side while raising your right arm above your head so that the elbow is pointing towards the sky.

– Focusing all of the tension and contraction in the obliques, bring your feet up while you raise your upper body. Lead with the right elbow.

– Hold the contraction and slowly return to the starting position. Do not allow your feet or shoulder to touch the ground. Repeat.

#8. Reverse Crunch

– Lie flat on an exercise mat on the floor. Extend your legs fully and place your hands palms down, flat on the floor beside you. Keeping your feet together, draw your knees up towards your chest, until your thighs are at 90 degrees to the floor and your calves are parallel to it. This is the start position.

– As you inhale, curl your hips up off the floor while bringing your knees further towards your chest. Continue the movement until your knees are touching your chest, or as far as comfortable.

– Hold for a count of one. In a controlled movement, return your legs to the start position, exhaling as you do so. Repeat.


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