Not everyone is a morning person, and some people have health problems that result in a poor night’s sleep. However, if you just need a little “get up and go,” there are ways to jump-start your alertness.

To get rid of morning exhaustion permanently, you need to invest time to do things such as set up a bedtime routine, reassess your diet and activity level, and check with your doctor to make sure you have no underlying health issues causing you to lose out on sleep. The following suggestions are to help you wake up in the morning and be alert and functional for the rest of the day.

Even 10 minutes of light exercise gets the blood pumping and can boost your energy level. Take the dog for a walk in the fresh air, challenge your kid to a push-up contest or do a short program of aerobic exercises.

Take a shower
Make a shower part of the morning routine so your mind recognizes the action as “time to wake up.” A hot shower can damage skin and might make you sleepy, so stick to a warm or cool shower.

Eat breakfast
Proper nutrition is essential to give the body the energy it needs to function. Eat a breakfast high in fiber and protein, such as eggs and whole-grain toast, or oatmeal with apples.

Drink lemon water
Staying hydrated is important to a body’s health. Dehydration can make a person feel tired and reduce alertness. The lemon’s tartness helps snap you out of a mental fog.

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and meditation that gets the body’s blood circulation going. It is not as intense as running a mile or two, but it does stretch muscles and force your mind to wake up and focus on the task at hand.

Some scents can make a person feel energized, such as peppermint. Place a drop of peppermint oil on a clean washcloth and wave it under your nose. You may use any scent you like, but peppermint and citrus smells tend to have a sharper odor.

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