Working out the upper body can be a problem area for many people, but with zero to minimal equipment, you can get toned arms at home. These exercises are easy to do and will go a long way in making you healthier. A lot of the arm exercises can also include engaging other parts of your body like the core and bust area, which will also get toned thanks to the workouts. 

“Lean muscle mass is the foundation to all of your movement, and an important driving tool in your ability to manage body fat,” personal trainer Holly Perkins, C.S.C.S., author of Lift to Get Lean told Prevention magazine. “It’s really simple: Your muscles hold your bones together and are responsible for the positioning of your spine. Those aches and pains you get? Many times, a proper strengthening program is the remedy.”

As we walk and climb stairs, the legs and glutes get some exercise but the arms and back are usually neglected. “This leaves the muscles of the upper body weak,” Perkins says. He recommends doing arm workouts at least twice a week.

For performing these exercises, you will need 8-10 pound dumbbells, a mat, good shoes, and a sports bra. The entire workout can be done in under 25 minutes but it is also okay if you want to go easy. 

Here are six exercises for your arm day training:

1. Halo

a. Start off with kneeling with knees hip-distance apart. 

b. Hold the dumbbell in both hands in front of your chest. Your elbows should be on the side of your chest.

c. Slowly circle the dumbbell around your head to your right.

d. Do as many repetitions as possible in 20 seconds.

e. For the next 20 seconds, start from your left and keep performing this.

f. Then rest for 20 seconds before starting the next exercise. 

2. Plank tap

a. Keep hands shoulder-width apart while lying on your stomach.

b. Raise your body high so that it is in a straight line. 

c. Your shoulders should be above your wrists with legs extended behind you. 

d. Tighten your core and glutes. 

e. Tap your right hand to the left shoulder.

f. Then left hand to the right shoulder. 

g. This is one repetition. 

h. Continue doing this for 20 seconds. 

3. Bent over row

a. Stand with feet hip-distance apart. 

b. Slightly bend your knees. 

c. Keeping your shoulders down and back, keeping hips at a 45-degree bend at the waist.

d. Hold the dumbbell in two hands and pull towards yourself bending the elbow.

e. Straighten them back and repeat. 

f. Continue doing this for 20 times. 

4. Rainbow slam

a. Kneel with knees hip-distance apart. 

b. Hold the dumbbell in both hands and rotate your upper body. 

c. Extend arms towards the right side of the body. 

d. Swing the dumbbell over your head in an arch until you reach the same position on the other side. 

e. Swing it back to the other side and keep alternating. 

f. Do as many reps as you can in 40 seconds. Then rest for 20 seconds. 

5. Plank up-down

a. Start with a high plank with palms flat on the ground. 

b. Engage your glutes and core. 

c. Lower your left arm to keep forearm on the floor. Do the same with right arm. 

d. Then go back to the initial position. 

e. That’s one rep. Try to keep your hips as still as possible.

f. Do 15 repetitions of this exercise. 

6. Oblique curl to press

a. Start with the half-kneeling position. 

b. Put left foot flat on the ground in front of you. 

c. Hold the dumbbell in the right hand.

d. Bend it slightly to the side and lower dumbbell towards the ground.

e. Using your obliques, return to the original position.

f. Bend your elbow and pull back the dumbbell towards your chest.

g. Then press it up towards the ceiling.

h. Go back to the starting position. 

i. Do as many reps in 40 seconds as possible.