Running is a great workout for multiple reasons. It builds endurance and there is not much that you need to start running. A good sports bra and running shoes are enough along with a good route to do the running at. Running has the potential to burn 113 calories every 1.6 kilometers and you don’t need any equipment or expensive fitness studio memberships to do it. However, not everyone can run. People have knee injuries and other health issues that could prevent them from this calorie-burning workout. 

The way to burn more calories is to get the heart rate up so that metabolism also goes up. And the creator HIIT IT!, an interval-style training workout, thinks that it is more important to confuse muscles to burn calories otherwise it would hit a plateau. 

“As much as I adore running outdoors, I’ve learned that running isn’t necessarily the fastest or most effective way to burn calories,” Daphnie Yang, an IISA Certified Personal Trainer and creator of HIIT IT!, told Women’s Health Australia. “It’s important to constantly confuse your muscles in order to effectively burn calories and keep your fitness level from hitting a plateau. Training in this manner shocks your metabolism into high gear, torches calories, burns body fat, and sculpts lean muscle mass more effectively than running,” she says. 

There are six methods that you can try that increase your heart level and burn calories faster than running five miles: 

1. The 60-45-20 method

The fitness trainer created this method since the Tabata-style intervals, where you workout for 20 seconds then recover for 10 seconds and repeat, was not enough to let her body raise the heartbeat to the optimal level. “You need more time to get in enough repetitions to get the heart rate up into that crazy-high zone,” Yang says. “It’s more challenging than Tabata training and lets you sculpt the entire body while melting away fat.”

So, she devised the 60-45-20 method that can burn 100 to 140 calories per interval:

1. Start off with burpees for 60 seconds

2. Follow it up with rest of 10 seconds 

3. Then go for jump lunges with arm swings for 45 seconds 

4. Rest 10 seconds 

5. Do mountain climbers for 30 seconds

6. Rest for another 10 seconds 

7. Repeat three times 

This will burn 100-140 calories, which is more than a 1.6 kilometer of running will burn. 

2. Burpees

This exercise is great for reducing excess body fat. You can lose 1.5 calories per burpee potentially, so do as many as possible and try to them quick. For instance, do 10 burpees in 60 seconds. 

Here’s how to do a burpee: 

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. 

2. Kick back your feet to be in a push-up position.

3. Do a push-up.

4. Kick back into original position. 

5. Repeat 3 sets of 10 repetitions with rest in between. 

If you add weight into the activity by wearing a weighted vest, it will increase the calorie burn rate. 

3. The Chisel Club workout

The Chisel Club creator and personal trainer Lauren Williams says that the workout she has created is different from running since it will take your heart-rate through different zones. It includes working out the lower body, upper body, and core. It also has “some sprints in there, too, to get your heart rate up, work your legs, and torch calories.”

Here’s how to do it: 

Do each of these for 45 seconds each. 

1. Plank walks 

2. Squat jumps

3. Sumo squat pulse

4. Pushups

5. Two rounds of 10-second sprints

6. Rest for 60 seconds

Do this three times.

Once, you’re done with that move on to the second stage, which too has to be done for 45 seconds each. 

1. Mountain climber crossovers

2. Side lunges

3. Core toe touches

4. Donkey kicks

5. Three rounds of 10-second sprints

6. Rest for 60 seconds

Repeat three times. 

The workout will burn 350 to 450 calories. 

4. Jumping rope

Now, this is something that almost every woman learned growing up. It’s easy to do but be careful if you have a knee injury.  It increases heart rate and improves balance and coordination. With moderate intensity, you can lose up to 13 calories a minute. You need some good shoes and a jumping rope to do this. 

5. The interval workout

John Honerkamp, a running coach and consultant for New York Road Runners, says that a structured workout with higher intensity like intervals with difficult segments will “get you fitter and will help you learn the different paces your body can work at”. He also said that running fast is fun. 

Here’s how to do it: 

1. Start with 5-minute warm-up jog 

2. Run 400-metre-stretch eight times with small recovery times at the difficulty level that you think will be 7 out of 10 in a subjective effort scale.  

3. Rest for 30 seconds after each interval. 

4. Then go for a 30-second plank after each odd interval round or do 5-10 pushups after each interval. 

5. Then do a five to 10-minute cool down jog.

You will lose more than 350 calories with this method. 

Working out can be fun. If you find it dreary, just find a partner and good music to give you company. And hit the mat at home. 

6. Tabata jump squats

These burn a lot of calories since you’re mixing hard work and rest and repeating it over and over again. 

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. 

2. Bend downwards like a normal squat and then jump. 

3. Come back into the original position and repeat. 

This can burn up to 13.4 calories per minute.