For many people flatulence (farting) is unacceptable and gross, but science proves that it is actually good for your health. Well, we are not trying to say that you should do it anytime and anywhere, but yes, farting can make you feel (and be) healthier.

Flatulence is a natural thing, and everyone does it. It is part of your digestion. The gases in your abdomen need to be released, and we give you a few good reasons to… fart. In the bathroom, of course.

Holding gas harms colon

Holding gases for too long will give you problems with your colon, urinary tract, bowel movement, and even cause pain. Farting in front of others is inappropriate, but holding it for too long is bad for you. So, just go to the bathroom. Releasing gases is a natural thing, and keeps your colon healthy.

Smelly means “healthy”

Smelly farts are the last thing you need on your night out. The only positive thing here is that your digestion works properly. Every time you release gases, a compound known as hydrogen sulfide goes out, too. It is a sign that your body can protect itself from diseases. Releasing hydrogen sulfide also prevents stroke and heart attack.

Flatulence relieves bloating

Being bloated is one of the least comfortable situations. We are bloated after big meals, and sometimes even feel pain. Bloating is also a sign that your stomach is filled with gas. Holding the gas is not deadly, but it is really uncomfortable. Release the gases to feel relieved.

Constant flatulence is an indication

Constant flatulence may indicate a health problem. Bad smells, pain and increases frequency will tell you if your body has a problem.

If you have any of these symptoms, consult your doctor and check if you are dealing with food intolerance. In some cases, these symptoms indicate colon cancer.

Constant release of gases means your gut is healthy

Eating healthy foods rich in proteins and fiber is good for your digestive tract. Broccoli, kale, cabbage and beans improve the function of your digestive tract and you will… fart more often. It may sound silly, but it is good for your intestines.

Flatulence balances diet

Releasing gases will help you learn what foods are good for you. This is good for those who eat too much of the same food or avoid some products.

Check up your menu to see if your favorite dish lacks fiber and protein.

For example, if you eat too much meat, your gases will be smelly, so try to eat less of your meat dishes.

Flatulence means relief

Releasing gases is good for your overall health and provides a great relief. You may be ashamed of it, but trust me, it is good for you.

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