Many studies have been done to prove the benefits of regular physical activity for both body and mind. It allows our body to maintain its tone and health. Also, various and varied exercises are advised and proposed by the specialists to contribute to our bodily dynamism. After jogging, fitness exercises or yoga, walking too, in addition to having the advantage of being economical, is a very effective way to refine, stay toned and lose weight.

Several studies have shown that by practicing only fifteen minutes of walking a day, we can feel all the benefits of physical exercise. This study has shown that by spending a little time walking every day, we are more likely to stay healthy and increase our life expectancy by 7 years.

Here are some of the benefits of walking daily:

1- Decreases the risk of diabetes:

Researchers proved by a study that people who practice walking very often are less likely to become diabetic. Thus, people with this disease have seen their blood glucose levels decline after a walk. Just as it is recommended, according to a team of researchers from New Zealand, to take breaks during work and walk a little to regulate blood sugar.

2- Reduces blood pressure:

High blood pressure (HTA), which specialists call “the silent killer,” can trigger cardiovascular disease. It should be known that 15 million people are affected by this scourge. Also, one study has found that 15 to 30 minutes of walking are effective in reducing blood pressure, even severe.

3. Allows better digestion:

Putting your body in slow motion as walking after a meal is beneficial to our intestinal transit and allows us to better digest where besides the famous “digestive walk”.

4- Decreases pain and improves body flexibility:

According to a study by the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotive Sciences of the University of Bologna, walking helps to improve the physical mobility of people, especially those who are affected by lower back pain.

5- Helps to solidify bones:

Brisk walking is strongly recommended for the development of bone strength. Thus, it helps prevent osteoporosis, as highlighted by this study published by BioMed Research International.

6- Contributes to extending our life expectancy:

It has been proven by many specialists that practicing physical activity, which will help increase our life expectancy and therefore reduce medical expenses over the course of life.

7- Allows a better mood:

Playing sports in general helps eliminate toxins stored in our body and the stress we face daily. According to one study, walking at least 10,000 steps a day would improve physical condition and mood. So when we walk, we get rid of the pressure of everyday life, we feel better in our body, and we are in a better mood.