Nothing makes a woman feel better than getting a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, until they get broken in, the shoes seem to bring blister along with them. They’re the price you pay for beauty.

Better than just accepting that you’re going to have blisters is trying to prevent them in the first place. With some of the tips below, you can hopefully keep from rubbing your feet raw. If you should end up with a blister, try the other tips for healing them quickly.

1. Break shoes in. Before wearing a new pair of shoes for a long period of time, wear them around the house and figure out where they are going to rub your feet. Fox News recommends padding those places so you can prevent the blisters before they happen.

2. Buy leather. Having a shoe that will conform to the shape of your foot helps prevent blisters too. Leather shoes stretch and conform to your feet over time, giving you a perfect fit.

3. Apply antiperspirant. Antiperspirant is not just for sweaty armpits; it’s great for sweaty feet. Since feet get sweaty, the antiperspirant will help absorb the sweat which is often a cause of blisters. Everyday Health recommends applying antiperspirant to the inside of your shoes as a preventive measure.

4. Use toothpaste. Top 10 Home Remedies recommends using white toothpaste to help dry out a blister once you have it. Rub a little on the blister one to two times daily and let it sit for 2 hours. Then clean it and apply some petroleum jelly for protection against dirt.

5. Soak in green tea. Both black tea and green tea have antioxidant properties, but green tea has more. Reader’s Digest says to steep three bags of green tea, add one teaspoon baking soda and soak the blister. If the blister can’t be easily soaked, saturate a piece of gauze in the mixture and put it on the blister.

6. Apply castor oil. According to Dr. Axe, castor oil helps the skin fight infections. Top 10 Home Remedies says to apply the castor oil to the blister at night before bed.

7. Apply vitamin E oil. WebMD says that some people use vitamin E to protect the skin against damage from aging and chemo therapy. Reader’s Digest recommends applying vitamin E oil or taking a vitamin E capsule and squeezing the oil onto the blister.

8. Use aloe vera. Aloe is used for all kinds of wounds. Apply the aloe directly to the blister. It will keep the blister from swelling and keeps the skin soft and supple. This will keep the blister from being re-irritated according to Everyday Health.

Don’t say no to a new pair of shoes just because you’re worried about the blisters. With a plan for prevention and healing in place, you can enjoy your new shoes, free from fear.

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