Depending on what is going on in life, people often find that what they have left to do and how much mental energy they have left for those tasks appears to be unequal. Sometimes the tasks seem overwhelming; and the more frazzled people become, the less they are able to focus on the tasks at hand. Feeling overwhelmed seems to be more and more common the busier life becomes

Acupressure.com states that the ancient Chinese discovered over 5,000 years ago that by applying pressure to specific areas of the body, certain ailments could be healed, concentration could be improved, and overall health and well-being could be bettered. By manipulating key pressure points throughout the day, you may be able to better renew your mental energy and clear your mind so that you can be more productive.

What acupressure points help renew mental energy?

According to Inspire Portal, GV20, GB14, GV24.5 and GV26 can all be massaged either separately or together and may help calm your mind and focus your thoughts. To help improve memory, mental clarity and concentration GV20 may help. GB14 may also help with memory. To improve creativity, mental focus and ground yourself, the recommendation is to massage GV26.

How does point GV 24.5 work? 

GV24.5, according to Acupressure Wellness, is supposed to be the “home of the thoughts, knowledge, imagination, intuition, vision . . . .” Gentle pressure applied with the the middle finger is supposed to calm the mind, clarify ideas and increase intuition. Acupressure.com recommends applying pressure to GV24.5 and GV20 at the same time for two to three minutes before you get out of bed in the morning. 

What else can you do to help renew mental energy?

Besides using acupressure, Shift shares a number of ways to increase mental energy and focus. First on the list is to stop trying to “multitask,” which it says is a myth. Simply focusing on the task at hand until it is done is less tasking on the brain. Also, removing clutter from your working space helps make you more focused. Making sure that the sound that surrounds you while you are working is not a distraction, but a help, is also important. Some people need silence, while others need music. Find out how you work best and capitalize on it. Finally, make sure you eat correctly. The vitamins, sugars and proteins you take in affect how well your brain concentrates and recalls information. All of these items are fairly simple to apply, but the benefits to be reaped can be huge. Mental energy is probably one of the earth’s truly renewable energy resources.

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