You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and cringe. The bags and circles are back! Did you know that by changing a few simple things in your life, you may be able to drastically reduce the bags and circles under your eyes?

Awakening bag- and circle-free is well with in your ability. Check out the 9 items that are within your control which may reduce the appearance of your baggie eyes.

1. Reduce your salt. Salt causes the body to retain fluid. Unfortunately, you don’t get to decide where the fluid goes. WebMD says that the extra water tends to settle under the eyes, causing them to appear puffy. If you struggle with puffy or baggy eyes, try cutting back on your salt intake.

2. Control your allergies. Allergies can also cause the bags and dark circles under the eyes to be accentuated. If you suffer from allergies, the Mayo Clinic recommends seeing an allergist and getting your allergies under control.

3. Just say, “No.” According to Dr. Axe alcohol causes dark circles under the eyes because it dehydrates the skin. If you’re struggling with circles and bags, say, “No,” to the alcohol.

4. Stay on your back. How you sleep can affect how puffy your eyes can be according to Medical News Today. If you sleep on your stomach and wake up with puffy, baggy eyes, try sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated.

5. Remove your make-up. You’ve been told to remove your make-up before bed, but sometimes you’re just too tired. WebMD may just make it worth your while. It reports that by not removing make-up before bed, you can cause your eyes to water which will make your eyes puffy in the morning.

6. Limit your caffeine. Yes, caffeine may be your lifeblood, but it might also be the source of those dark circles and puffy eyes according to Medical News Today. Caffeine is a diuretic which means it will dehydrate the skin. Try cutting back on your caffeine intake and see if your puffy eyes improve.

7. Puff no more. Cigarettes not only dry out the skin, they also cause your skin to age prematurely. Dr. Axe shares how smoking will cause circles to be more pronounced and bags under the eyes will be worse from smoking cigarettes. The solution is to break the habit.

8. Remember that less is more. When fighting bags and circles, applying lots of concealer and make-up is a temptation as you try to cover them up. Medical News Today say to do the opposite. Putting too much make-up on is actually worse for your eyes and will make the circles more noticeable.

9. Cool off. Cold compresses constrict the blood vessels and help reduce swelling and puffiness. Dr. Axe, WebMD, and Medical News Today all agree that putting a cold compress on your eyes, whether using slices of cold cucumber (because they’re conveniently round) or a cold wet washcloth, can help reduce bags under the eyes.

No longer do bags and circles have to win the battle. Enjoy getting the upper hand and looking good while you do it.

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