The favorite dress of your that you have tucked away at the back of your closet because you don’t like how your tummy looks in it? Time to bring it out. But this isn’t just about looking good in a dress. Excess belly fat poses many dangers to your health, like an increased risk of heart diseases. Unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest places to lose fat.

While you may not find time to go to the gym on a daily basis, here are with six exercises that will melt the belly fat right off. The best part? It can be done in the comfort of your own home and it takes just 5 minutes. So set your time and let’s get started!

1. Flutter kicks

This exercise is great for not just for burning calories. It’s also good at building endurance and giving you a good cardio workout. In order to do this exercise, you’ll need a mat. Start by lying on the mat with your legs together and extended in front of you. Then, tightening your core, lift both your feet off the ground and move them up an down. Do this 30 times with a pause every 15 round.

2. Lunges with front kicks

This exercise provides you with a cardio boost, improves your core strength and increases your flexibility. To do is, start by standing with your feet together. Then step back with your left foot as if to go down on one knee. Then as you come back to the starting position, swing your leg all the way in front of you to complete a kick. Then go back to the starting position. Switch legs. Repeat this 15 times, take a break and then attempt another 15 more.

3. Mountain climbers

One of the best full-body workouts that can help that belly fat go away, to perform this exercise, start with getting into a high plank position where you place your arms under your shoulders and keep your back straight. Then bend one knee, bring it to your chest and straighten it behind you again as if in the initial position. Then switch sides. Keep doing this 15 times, pause and then do it again.

4. Reverse crunches

Excellent for strengthening your core and lower ab muscles, it can improve your posture as well. You start by lying on your back and keeping your legs together at a 90-degree angle. Placing your hands flat on the ground, pull your legs and hips up towards the ceiling by bringing your knees towards your chest. Do two rounds of 15.

5. Bicycle crunch

This exercise can do more than get rid of belly fat and tone your abs. This one can get rid of those pesky love handles. And you can begin by lying on the mat and keeping your hands either at your sides or behind your head. Lift both your legs off the ground and keep them bent at the knees. Then bring your left knee close to your chest and straighten out your left leg. Switch legs and do it like you’re paddling a bicycle. Do it 30 times with a break in between.

6. Bench hops

Beneficial in toning your legs and lower body muscles while burning calories, to perform this activity, you’ll need a chair or bench. Place your hands on the bench or chair and keep your feet together on the left side of it. Maintain a straight back. Then, bend your knees and jump over to the right side of the bench and then quickly jump back to the left side. Do 20 bench hops before pausing and then doing another 20.