Finding the perfect outfit is tough but finding it and seeing your love handles spill out of it makes you want to put it back on the shelf it came from. But what if there was a way to get rid of those love handles? Well, there is and all it takes is these simple exercises and maybe a few other steps.

1. Russian twists

This is a great way to burn those love handles right off.

How to do: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Then lean back slightly and hold a dumbbell with both your hands. Then slowly lift your feet from the ground, cross them at the ankles and balance on your butt. Once in this position, twist your torso to the left and touch the dumbbell to the ground right next to you. Then, twist back over to the right side and take the dumbbell with you and touch it to the ground. Continue alternating sides and make sure to keep your balance without placing your legs on the floor. Do it for as long as you can without straining yourself. 

2. Bicycle crunches

This exercise works out both your abdomen as well as your sides. 

How to do: Lying on your back, keep your legs stretched out. Then place your hands behind your head but don’t clasp it. Once in position, start by lifting your shoulder and torso up and move your left elbow towards your right knee. Switch sides and repeat. Do this as rapidly as you can.

3. Side-plank lifts

This exercise will surely take those love handles down. 

How to do: Lie down on your side. Then, using your hand, lift yourself up, without turning on your back. Keep your torso raised off the ground and keep your legs stable. Then slowly bring your body back down. Based on your comfort level, choose how many reps you want to do and then repeat with the other side. It is important to keep your body straight throughout the exercise.

4. Side kicks

This exercise is not only great for reducing love handles, but it is also great as a cardio exercise.

How to do: First, stand with your legs wide apart and keep your toes pointed straight ahead. Then while keeping your torso as straight as possible, lift the left leg to the side as high as possible. Keep it stiff and then bring it back to the original position. Repeat with the right leg. You can do this at least 25 times on each side as you alternate.

5. One hand toe touch

This exercise can help burn the excess fat from your lower abdomen and waist. This is the best and easiest love handle workout.

How to do: Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. They should be shoulder-width apart. Then pull your right leg inside and place the sole flat on the inner thigh of your left leg. Then take your left hand and bend forward till you can touch your left toes. Hold that position for five seconds and then repeat with the other leg. Stretching at least 20 times on both sides is essential for the exercise to have an effect.

So with these 5 exercises, you can shimmy right back into those outfits without worrying about the extra curves. But if you want those handles to stay away, it might be better if you made a few modifications to your lifestyle like: 

1. Don’t starve yourself but don’t binge on the food that you know has unhealthy fats. And drink plenty of water.

2. Slowly introduce high-protein into your diet. It’ll help you shed the fat and make you feel full for longer periods of time.

3. Try out some cardio workouts so that it’s not just the love handles that disappear, it’s the other fat too.

4. Cut down on the alcohol because it can make you feel less hungry and reduce your risk of suffering from health complications.