Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is effectively a sleep disorder but is more directly considered a neurological disorder where nerve endings in the legs signal pain, throbbing, tingling, or other sensations without external stimulation. Those nerve signals trigger an uncontrollable urge for movement in the legs. RLS symptoms occur principally upon laying down for sleep or when you are at rest, though the condition is likely to keep you from easily falling asleep or relaxing entirely. In fact, the only thing that sometimes relieves restless leg symptoms is to get up and walk around.

RLS typically can affect the feet as well as the upper and lower legs with a variety of sensations, all pushing the sufferer into moving their legs. Your legs may twitch spontaneously as well (something called periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD)). Unfortunately, the cause of RLS is not well understood, though it can occur alongside pregnancy, and risk of enduring the condition rises with age. Furthermore, iron deficiency may at least worsen restless leg syndrome.

Dr. Julian Whitaker confirms that patients of his swear by this method — placing a bar of soap in your bed at night will help relieve the symptoms in a significant manner. Derek H. Page from The People’s Pharmacy writes about the process: While it has not yet been determined in a completely conclusive manner, Page theorizes that the scent molecules in the soap are capable of evaporating and depositing on your leg, where they’ll then be absorbed into your muscles and affect your blood supply.

No matter the reason, people everywhere have taken to this seemingly infallible remedy, slowly turning it into a household staple. People’s Pharmacy took it upon themselves to engineer a soap bar that is completely flat, in order to be less intrusive in the bed while remaining just as efficient. The lavender scent that it diffuses is also said to help with sleeping. While some people choose to place it in a free-roaming sock in the sheets, you could also try hiding your bar of soap under your fitted sheet and seeing if that works as well.

There are other remedies, however, if you’d like to try multiple methods: Dr. Whitaker recommends stocking up on supplemental calcium, magnesium, and iron, as a deficiency in any of these could be responsible for your aches.

Healthline also stresses the importance of daily exercise, even as low-intensity as walks, to help reduce RLS. Getting your body used to a recurring sleep schedule and minimizing stress are also highly recommended.

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