Sometimes the chemical composition of cleaning products can be irritating to sensitive skin. Many of us are unaware that nature can also help us maintain our home in an environmentally friendly way. Did you know that there are many tips for dealing with the toughest stains ? With these natural and economical solutions, you will find the whiteness and the cleanliness of your linen. We tell you more in our house.

For your household chores, set your sights on nature. Eco-friendly and economical, these tips will help you to complete stains and find the freshness of your clothes. You can make these natural detergents at home. Go green while having a clean cloth, it’s possible!

Stubborn stains 

The aging of textiles can sometimes be the cause of a dull color. When the stains are white, this is often due to a bad dissolution of the laundry in the washing machine. The use of softener can also stain yellow or brown fabrics. While some chemicals may be daunting for the elimination of stains, they are not without risk for the user. And for good reason, some detergents may contain oxidizing agents, additives and surfactants potentially dangerous for the skin. These detergent products are also harmful for the planet because of the presence of endocrine disruptors and alkalizing agents. So many reasons why it is wise to turn to nature for the maintenance of its interior.

Tip # 1:

Did you know that baking soda could help you tackle the toughest stains? Its abrasive power cleans the tissues deeply. To achieve this house trick, simply mix 4 liters of water to a cup of baking soda in a large basin. Dip your laundry and let it sit for 30 minutes. You will quickly find the whiteness of your clothes.

Tip # 2:

To get the job done, did you think about aspirin? It is enough to crush six dispersible tablets of aspirin in a basin previously filled with water. Then you can wash your laundry with Marseille soap for more radiance. This tip will help you get rid of the toughest stains.

Tip # 3:

To remove a stains, lemon and white vinegar are good alternatives to conventional detergents. For a bright and delicately scented linen, simply rub the mixture of these two ingredients on the stains. These will fade immediately. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing your clothes with clean water.

Why use natural products for your laundry?

If using natural washing methods is useful for protecting our planet, there are other advantages to making your own laundry. Using these natural tips helps preserve the colors and quality of the fabric. Bonus: These products are useful for all surfaces. Soils, worktops, windows, appliances, so many areas that you can clean with these homemade products! To clean effectively, it’s all natural.