They do exist some babies manage to remain well behaved and rarely cry or whimper. But as most parents know, that’s not usually the case and it can be quite tough to calm your screaming child down. In the following video, you’ll find out how you can calm your child in one minute using some simple tricks…

The sole of the foot is full of points which are connected to other parts of the body. Lightly pressing these areas can stimulate other regions and possibly ease pain. These foot reflex zones also work on younger people. We’ve summarized some of the most important zones below…

1. Head and teeth

Applying light pressure to the baby’s toes can help ease headaches and toothache. This zone is particularly important when the baby is teething.

2. Chest

If the child is experiencing pain in the chest, apply light pressure along the balls of their feet.

3. Solar plexus

The solar plexus itself isn’t causing the pain. Instead, trapped wind, colic or breathing difficulties are usually the problem. To ease the pain, press the point just below the balls of your baby’s feet in the center.

4. Sinus cavities

If the baby’s sinuses are causing them trouble, press the center of each toe with your thumb.

5. Upper abdomen

If the pain is coming from the child’s upper abdomen (e.g. in the case of colic), massage the zone under the balls of their foot in the center of the sole.

6. Lower abdomen

If the pain is lower in the abdomen, you should massage further down the foot just above the heel.

7. Pelvis

If the child is experiencing pain in the pelvic region, apply pressure on the heel.

8. Airways

You can help free the child’s airways by working the back of their heel with your fingers.

As you can see, you need to focus on different zones of the sole to give your child the help they need. These techniques are easy to learn and could help your baby feel better. If problems persist though, we of course recommend consulting your doctor.

Source : http://www.healthyfoodvision.com/how-to-calm-a-crying-baby-in-one-minute/