Coming straight from the United States, the detox treatments are actually a kind of great cleansing. Their virtues are often advocated by naturopaths since they consist mainly of purifying the body in a natural way during a change of season for example. Moreover, their effectiveness is intrinsically linked to the treasures of Mother Nature. Combining fruits and vegetables for a concentrate of benefits, they allow the body to refuel with antioxidants to find its well-being while gently …

To compensate for excesses and to breathe new energy into the body, it is essential to pay attention to certain signals. Dull complexion, greyish look, unexplained tiredness and skin imperfections are all indicators that reveal that our body is overloaded which increases its vulnerability to seasonal diseases.

Although it is equipped with emunctory organs to purify it, it happens that an accumulation of toxins hinders their functioning. Fortunately, do not look far to energize the body. Before you discover the recipe for an energy drink to clean your body and eliminate waste, learn all about the benefits of its ingredients!


In general, fruits and vegetables are recommended to promote a detoxifying action. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are ideal for counteracting the harmful action of toxins. Lemon, in this case, is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant of size to fight against the action of free radicals and premature aging of cells. Moreover, it can stimulate the action of the immune system and therefore fight against diseases that point the tip of their nose at each change of season.

That’s not all, the citrus multifunction also contains citric acid very effective to stimulate the liver. Florence Foucault, dietician and nutritionist explains its mechanism of action in Figaro. According to the expert, the latter boosts the production of bile which facilitates transit and consequently improves the elimination of accumulated waste.


An oriental spice with a zesty flavor, ginger would act similarly to lemon, stimulating the production of bile. This action coupled with the virtues of citrus fruit would activate digestion in a considerable way. In addition, the Asian rhizome is rich in phenolic compounds that, as a study published by The Journal of Food Measurement and Memorization, would have powerful antioxidant benefits to reduce or delay the onset of diseases related to oxidative stress.


Coming from the Cucurbitaceae family, cucumber is distinguished by its remarkable water content, which exceeds 95%! Considered as a fruit from a botanical point of view, it is nonetheless recognized as a vegetable at the culinary level. To know that despite its availability throughout the year, its flavor is particularly pleasant between the months of May and July.

But beyond this generic information, it can be very useful to know that cucumber is, along with lemon and ginger, a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to its phytonutrient content, it gives the body an additional natural way to defend against premature cell aging. In juice, salad or sticks for your snacks, it is easily included in your daily life to promote hydration of the body and improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating toxins.

Now that you know more about the benefits of your ingredients, let’s turn to the recipe for this detox drink:


– 2 lemons in slices (organic)

– A grated fresh ginger root (about 2,5cm), organic

– A sliced ​​cucumber (organic)

– 500 ml of water

Preparation tips

Very simple to prepare, this drink only requires that you place all your ingredients in a carafe, keeping it cool all night to be consumed on waking. You can add some mint leaves or half a teaspoon of honey (organic) to enhance or soften the flavor.