Do you love to bask in the sun on beautiful beaches?

Who not wants to flaunt in the summers with bikinis and sleeveless tops?

But wait… if you do this, probably you could be the next prey of the Sun.

Yes! I’m indicating to stubborn tan.

That can make your skin dull and darker than your natural skin tone.

Don’t allow Sun Tan to be your one of the worst summer hassles. Here we bring you a super simple homemade sun tan removal remedy that will be so helpful for you.

Why your skin becomes tanned under the Sun?

A suntan is simply your body’s attempt to protect itself from the UV rays of the sun. These rays are pretty harmful and may cause skin cancer.

Whenever your skin gets excessive sun exposure, your skin raises the level of Melanin in the body that prevents harmful damages.

So should we avoid Sun?

Never, this is impossible!

But removing sun tan seems like not a big deal.

Yes! even you can remove sun tan instantly at home with the help of this homemade mask.

This magical mask is easy to prepare and safe for your skin. You can apply it on your face, hands or legs.

How does this Sun tan removal works?

This Sun Tan Removal mask has Gram flour as the main ingredient which exfoliates the skin and makes it brighter by removing dead skin present on the outermost layer.

It is also loaded with essential nutrients which help to remove Acne, Pimples and other blemishes on the skin.

Yogurt ensures to keep moisturizing the skin and control any kind of discolorations or dark spots.

Lemon juice and honey have bleaching properties that are ideal for removing the stubborn darkness.

Additionally, you should follow these tips also to decrease the UV damages.

  • Always use Sunscreen before basking in the Sun. 
  • Use hats, caps, and umbrella to shade your face and skin.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.