Losing weight is without a doubt one of the most difficult goals to achieve. Indeed, because of considerations relating to age, hormones, genetic predispositions, sleep habits or even physical activity level, the process of weight loss is not easy to achieve. In addition, there is a parameter that could also hinder your efforts: your size. Thus, the shorter a person, the slower his metabolism would be. If you find yourself in this description, discover in this article how to divert that by adopting good behavior.

If you are short in size, you will probably have noticed in case of overweight how hard it was to lose your weight. It would not be entirely your fault, because according to one study, there would be a direct relationship between the person’s size and ability to burn calories. A larger organ size would therefore imply a lower metabolic rate and a better ability to melt fat than for individuals whose organs are relatively short.

If you are tall, your weight loss will be easier because you have more muscle mass. Against the short people, who would have more difficulty given the slowness of their metabolism.

It is equally important in the weight loss process to consider key factors such as physical activity or the nature of your diet, keeping in mind that the more pounds you accumulate, the less obvious it will be to lose them later. .

Discover 4 ways to boost your weight loss:


Cardio exercises alone are not enough to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Weight lifting proves more effective for your body and will allow you to gain muscle mass easily by melting over the training excess fat stored.

Calculate the number of calories consumed

Keeping a diary of the foods eaten and recording their respective calories is helpful in tracking down your bad eating habits and straightening the shot at every big gap. It’s a bit of a burden, but it’s not about making calories consumed an obsession, it’s just about making sure you do not consume more than enough.

Fill up on protein

The reason why this is important is that the consumption of protein helps to prolong the feeling of satiety and greatly reduces snacking temptations. Protein foods also participate in mass gain in view of their beneficial content of nutrients and fibers useful for strengthening and repairing muscles.

Eat only what your body needs

Taking the time to savor your meals by slowly chewing food and being fully aware of what you eat allows the brain to send the information of feeling full. This active listening to your body makes you more aware of how much you eat and increases your chances of consuming only what your body needs.

Talk to a professional

If the advice to lose weight fuse right and left and despite all your efforts your attempt to lose weight is still unsuccessful, it is recommended to contact a professional (dietician, nutritionist …) who will be responsible for developing with you a fully customized food program tailored to your needs.