Have you burnt your fingers on a hot pan? Did you singe your skin with a curling iron? Did the steam from a boiling pot burn your hand? No matter how you got that nasty burn, it’s bound to hurt. Burn blisters are a symptom of second-degree burns. Natural Society explains a burn blister forms when both the outer layer and underlying layer of skin is burnt. These burns are super painful. And if not treated properly, they can become infected.  

Second-degree burns can be treated at home. Luckily, you are bound to have most, if not all, of the following home treatments in your kitchen cabinet. So next time you, your partner, child, parent, or guest burns him or herself in your house, you should know exactly what to do! 

1. Egg white. This may not be the most attractive solution for someone who burnt himself in the kitchen, but it is among the most effective! Simply crack a few eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks. Apply the egg white to the site of the burn. Natural Society says this home remedy should quell the pain.  

2. Mint. Dig Herbs recommends applying cooling mint leaves directly to the burn. 

3. Vinegar. This is one of the best ways to get immediate relief, says Natural Society. Simply dip a cotton ball in vinegar and then dab the burn blister. This works because vinegar is a natural pain reliever and an antiseptic so it has the double benefit of preventing infection. 

4. Honey. Like vinegar, honey has antiseptic properties that can prevent infection. Natural Society recommends applying honey to a gauze bandage. It is important to change the bandage every few hours. 

5. Black tea. Black tea contains tannic acid, which is known to work as a natural pain reliever. Home Remedies For Life recommends steeping three tea bags in cold water. Dip a cotton ball in the cold tea and dab the burn blister. 

6. Potato. Raw potato has properties that are soothing and prevent irritation, says Home Remedies For Life. To use this home remedy, cut a raw potato into slices and then simply rub the potato slice around the burn. Do this immediately after being burnt. 

7. Onion. The sulphur and quercetin in onion function as natural pain relievers. They also have healing properties. Home Remedies For Liferecommends cutting an onion in small pieces and then applying the juice from the onion onto the burn. Do this several times daily, but always using a fresh onion. 

8. Tomato. You may be surprised to know the acid in tomatoes is very good for relieving pain. Tomatoes have the added benefit of being soothing and cool.

A burn can be painful and is often shocking. But with these home remedies, you never have to worry what to do next. 

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