Slimming with ice packs may be the solution if you want to remove some of the excess belly fat. If you already tried everything, try this cold therapy that claims to have wonderful results.

When we need to lose weight, or we are tired of struggling with diets and training without beingable toremove localized fat in the belly, any option seems feasible. Many treatments promise efficiency but our bodies have no effect.

This time we rely on physics to tell you how tolose weight with ice packs. This therapy kills fat cells attached to the belly and facilitates burning. If your exercises do not give results, complements your workout with this great idea and lose several centimeters of waist in a short time.

How to lose weight with ice packs?

To learn how to lose weight with ice packs, we must first know some features of the human body. We collect two types of fat: white fat and brown fat. White adipose tissue stores energy in large fat droplets and adheres in the abdomen, arms and buttocks.Moreover, brown fat is composed of much smaller droplets and is generating power cells;ie that consume energy to maintain body heat.This energy work increases caloric expenditure and are easier to remove.

When we are born, 5% of body mass is brown fat. That way babies can keep warm. As we grow and food, accumulated white fat. Some studies have found that exposing the white adipose tissue at low temperatures, makes brown fat, facilitating the caloric burn and decreased weight. Even doing some biopsies, scientists were able to determine that in winter, a percentage of white fat turns into brown.

For this reason, the Medical Center of the University of Maastricht recommends lowering the thermostat at 15 ° C during the winter, some hours a day, not promote weight gain. As we live in heated homes, in winter our body does not burn fat reserves to keep us warm. That would be the natural mechanism to heat the body and do not accumulate extra fat.

To reinforce this, in another study the case of a group of adult men sleeping in metabolic chambers were studied. The average ambient temperature was 18 ° C. After 4 weeks sleeping at those temperatures, it was possible to double the amount of adipose tissue, insulin sensitivity was increased and increased calorie burning.

What is the treatment?

This type of treatment is called thermogenesis, which seeks to increase calorie burning through the mechanisms of the body to stay warm. If you want to lose weight with ice packs , you can start with less severe therapies at first so that the body gets used:

  • Moderate thermogenesis:To begin, you can place theroom thermostat between 10 ° C and 15 ° C. Put only shorts and stays there for an hour. You can start with less time at the beginning, and extend it as the body gets used to it.
  • Intense thermogenesis:It the fastest way conversion from white to brown fat. Tolose weight with ice packs, you place them in a large pants and a vest made with them covering the top. This cause a great shivering in the body, but helps burn calories. After a few minutes, the cold not be as intense. After 60 minutes maximum, remove the bags.

Another application form is to put ice packs on the area only resulting in more fat or you want to lose weight fast. Perform it for 30 to 60 minutes, once a day for 12 consecutive days. Remember accompanied with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

In addition, you should always keep ice separated from your skin, wrap it in cloth, used towels or bags of water to prevent burning. If you feel excruciating pain or notes small blisters, is that the ice has not been well insulated. Interrupts the application immediately.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People who use beta blockers, suffering peripheral vascular disease, smokers and diabetics should perform the therapy under medical supervision.

Source : http://www.healthyfoodvision.com/new-cold-therapy-learn-how-to-lose-weight-with-ice-packs/