Combined with a lack of physical activity, a copious diet and little variety can permanently tamp our silhouette. To focus on well-being and regain its fitness weight, it is essential to establish a healthy lifestyle. Take back a sport, balanced nutrition program, nutritional follow-up, so many steps that will help you to overcome the extra pounds. This seven-day diet targets rapid weight loss by promoting a daily group of specific foods. We tell you more in our slimming point.

By adopting bad eating habits, we allow fat to lodge insidiously in our body. To regain weight, it is essential to rethink your diet by focusing on low caloric and highly nutritious foods. This high-fiber diet triggers the sensation of satiety essential to resist cravings. If you scrupulously follow the rules of this diet, you will soon see results in a few days.

7 Day food plan: some steps to follow

To observe conclusive results on your line, it is important to follow the rules of this diet program. Indeed, to carry it out, it will be useful to respect certain restrictions. Make sure you have a hearty breakfast, as this basic meal will help you cope with daily cravings and will be quickly eliminated by your metabolism. Soft drinks, processed foods and caffeine will be banned for the duration of this diet. For a better follow-up, take care to note your starting weight and to indicate its evolution every two days. Be sure to hydrate yourself enough to 67 oz per day.

How To 7 Day Diet Plan?

Day 1 

This first day will focus on fruits. You can eat all fruits except banana. This attack phase promotes the consumption of these foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates to trigger the feeling of satiety.

Day 2

You can eat vegetables at will. Be sure to consume a potato at breakfast to cover your daily need for carbohydrates. Soups, juices, salads, so many variations of these foods rich in fiber.

Day 3

This day combines the first two steps. You will be allowed to eat all fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes.

Day 4

This fourth day, you can eat as many vegetables as you want. Focus on protein sources such as beans, lentils, artichokes, kale and watercress.

Day 5

This fifth day will be totally omnivorous. You can eat lean meats such as fish or chicken. You will accompany your meals of cereals and vegetables.

Day 6

This day will also combine fiber and protein. You can eat vegetables at will except potatoes. Salmon, turkey, chicken breast, so many meats that you can incorporate into your meals.

Day 7

This seventh day will give pride of place to vegetables that you will consume at will and in all forms. Pair them with brown rice because this starch is rich in fiber.

Warnings: Before starting a diet, it is strongly advised to consult a medical opinion in order to evaluate your state of health. 7