If you like to play sports or have children who are active, you will eventually have to deal with bumps on the head that swell. Rarely are theses bumps serious; but the Mayo Clinic cautions people to remember that if vomiting, disorientation or unconsciousness occur, please seek medical attention.

For those with just the simple bump on the head, check out the 5 things you can do at home to help relieve the discomfort and take down the swelling. You may find that these simple home remedies can save you a trip to the doctor’s.

1. Use a cold compress. One of the best things to do for a bump on the head is a cold compress. NHS recommends grabbing a bag of frozen vegetables and wrapping it in a towel so you don’t have direct contact on your skin. If you haven’t got a cold compress available, you can use tea bags that have been steeped. Top 10 Home Remedies recommends cooling them for 10 minutes in the refrigerator before placing them on the bump.

2. Rest. Critical to any head injury, WebMD recommends rest. Avoid strenuous activity and lots of excitement. If you have a concussion, lie down if you get dizzy during the day. Giving your body time to heal is very important.

3. Elevate. The Mayo Clinic gives general advice for any place that is experiencing swelling. Elevate that area above the heart. For a goose egg, that simply means making sure your head stays above your heart when lying down. Keep it slightly elevated through the use of an extra pillow or two.

4. Hydrate. Making sure you are well hydrated is another tip that WebMD gives. If you get dehydrated, more swelling may occur.

5. Take acetaminophen. WebMD also states that if the bump creates minor headaches, taking some acetaminophen for the pain may help relieve it.

The next time a bump occurs, don’t panic. Go to the freezer, reach in and grab whatever veggie is available. Who knew spinach could be so useful?

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