Siesta is an important part of some cultures, but for most people taking a nap sounds like a luxury treatment they cannot afford. But, scientists strongly suggest that you take a nap and rest enough as it is important for your overall health.

Sometimes one does not just get enough sleep at night and that affects your every day life. We are burdened with projects and stress, so napping is a big ‘no’ for most of us.

Big corporations have introduced changes in their work ethics and routine, and employees are now allowed to have a nap. Short naps make you alert and productive. So, yes, feel free to take a nap.

A group of scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder found that children who do not take a nap have less joy and interest in their activities. Experts noticed anxiety and low problem solving skills. The same applies to adults.

Researchers at Berkeley say that an hour nap increases learning ability and memory. Naps actually boost your alertness, refresh your brain and clear short term memory.

The perfect nap

According to experts, 10-20 minutes are just enough to refresh your mind and boost your energy. They call it “power nap.” You will not enjoy a deep nap, and that helps you to go back to your activities easily.

A 30-minute nap will make you groggy for 30 minutes because you have to wake up after your body enters deep states of sleep. The same happens to those who sleep for an hour, but experts also say that 60-minute naps boost memory.

90-minute naps are great for those who do not sleep well at night. You get a complete sleep cycle, and your emotional memory and creativity are brought to a higher level.

Naps are great for your physical and mental health. However, you should not sacrifice your night’s sleep for an afternoon nap. Adjust your nap time to your night’s sleep.

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