If you didn’t live your life under glass bell then you must have scars. Some can serve as childhood diary and you want to keep those. Aside from those memory scars there are those ugly surgery scars or stretch marks and if you are little as me you would love to remove most of them of course naturally!

Remove Scars with this natural solutions

What I have found there are few solutions – totally natural which helped me and still help! I should probably star with old scars.

How to remove Older Scar

There is not match you can do once the skin is formed, but what I have found and recommended by Barbara Close author of Pure Skin (Chronicle, 2005) is using products with frankincense can heal and regenerate skin. This products will sooth aging skin and geranium which has anti-inflammatory components.

How to remove Newer Scar

Calendula cream, which is high in flavonoids, helps strengthen skin. Use it along with vitamin E oil; its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties soften skin and promote healing.

Removing Stretch Marks

Try Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), an ayurvedic herb that offers antibiotic and wound-healing properties. Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of a tincture daily, or 300 to 400 mgs a day in capsule form

For prevention of Scar

For prevention of Scar you can use Manuka honey. This honey has antibacterial properties which protect from infection of your wound – most important thing for preventing of scar forming. Because of the Vitamin C Manuka honey helps with faster rate of tissue regeneration and suppression of inflammation.

Applying Aloe Vera to a cut also works well when it comes to scar prevention; the allantoin in the aloe plant stimulates new cell growth.

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