Smoking is bad for us, but some of us just cannot give up on smokes. Nicotine keeps you addicted, and your body cannot ‘survive’ without it. Well, guess, what… Stevia can do the trick for you.

If you feel like ‘dying’ for a cigarette, and cannot say ‘no’ to one, just make sure you do everything to kill the habit. Stevia will make the physical symptoms disappear within a week, and the craving will be gone in a while.


According to a German study, stevia can keep you away form cigarettes and alcohol. It is part of the chrysanthemum family, and people use it as a sweetener. Stevia has the power to block the craving signals your brain sends, and you will not even think of lighting a cigarette.

The good news is that you will need just a couple of drops to shut down the craving. Put a couple of drops on your tongue whenever you notice a craving coming your way. It has an instant effect, and you will not light that cigarette.

Always use powdered or liquid stevia. It is available in healthy food stores and supermarkets, and you can find it in the baking goods or healthy foods isle.

Stevia is good for those struggling with excess weight and blood pressure problems. It is also recommended for diabetics. Nothing beats the fact that its greatest power is the ability to kill your desire for nicotine. You can use stevia in your face masks. It nourishes skin, and makes it smooth and tight. Use is as an anti-acne product and a remedy for dermatitis.

Grow stevia in your home garden

Stevia is a perennial plant that enjoys sun and it is definitely not something you want to plant if the weather conditions are terrible. It cannot survive in freezing conditions. Stevia roots can survive in zones 9 and warmer, and grow again in warmer months. If you take a good care of it, you can cultivate it in zone 8.

Plant your stevia in a 12-inch container, and use great potting soil. It likes direct sunlight, and water it once you notice that the surface is dry.

Soil, planting and growing.

Make sure each of your plants has 18 inches of free space. You need loose, loamy and well-drained potting soil. It will grow 1-3 feet in height. Plant it after the frost. Do not forget to use compost, Bonnie Herb or Vegetable Plant Food. Mulch is also a good alternative, as it will prevent the plant from drying out in hot weather.

The plant does not like soggy soil, and make sure you provide a good drainage to prevent the rotting of its roots. You can say the roots are rotten if the plant is wilting even after being watered. Insects attack it, too.

Harvest and storage

Stevia has tiny white flowers in fall months, and you should trim off the flowers to get new leaves. In fall, the plant stretches, and does not offer many leaves. Clip off the flowers and it will grow more leaves.

The leaves are better and sweeter in autumn, and taste better before the blooming season.

Dry the leaves and they will last for longer. Clip off the stems, and remove any leaves and tender stems. Dry them on woven fabric or non-metal piece outside in the sun.

Be careful, the leaves will dry out within a day. you can use food dehydrators, too. Crush the leaves into a fine powder.

Store the powder in airtight containers. The same works for whole leaves. The powder does not dissolve in liquid, but it definitely makes it sweeter.

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