You can find aluminum foil in almost every home, that’s because it is very useful, like for saving food leftovers or cooking. But is can also be used for numerous other things like soothing joint pain and fighting off tiredness. It is so useful that you’ll want to go and buy it immediately. Here are some other uses:

Blast fatigue immediately

Aluminum foil can be used for fighting fatigue and insomnia, as well. The results are guaranteed by the Health Digest, if you do this trick. At first, cut some aluminum foil strips and place them in a fridge for two to four hours. After that, apply them on your face including the eyelids and cheeks. Let them like that until you feel the muscles relaxed. Then, take them off and you will notice the face so refreshed.

It sooths painful joints

Beside it is good for treating many painful situations like sciatica, heel pain, arthritis and gout, aluminum foil is used for healing the joint pain, as well. You only have to wrap the foil around the painful part of the body and in order to secure it, you can use a bandage. It is recommended to do this at night, before you go to bed and leave it until the morning. Do this every night for two weeks and make a two-week break. The pain will be eliminated. Repeat the procedure if you still feel discomfort, until the pain is gone.

It soothes fresh burns

Did you know that you can treat fresh burns with aluminum foil? The doctors have been encouraged by the Wisconsin University to wrap the fresh burns with this foil as this method provides great results. Now you know what do in case you burn yourself. At first, you have to wash the burned body part with cold water and dry it with a soft towel. Then, put a layer (thin) of ointment, sterile gauze over it and wrap it with aluminum foil. Secure it with a bandage. Leave it like that until your pain is gone.

Phantom pains, be gone

This foil can be useful in case you experience phantom pains that you cannot explain or in the case you have recently undergone an amputation surgery. Soothe these pains by wrapping aluminum foil around the affected area and secure it with a bandage. Remove it as soon you notice the pain disappeared.

Get rid of a pesky cold

You can get rid of the annoying cold with the help of aluminum foil. Just wrap the feet in five to seven layers of aluminum foil and leave it for 1 hour. Then, remove it and let the feet breathe for one to two hours and repeat the process.

Here is a video to learn how to make your hair curlier with aluminum foil at your own home:

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