Poor circulation often occurs, but it must not be ignored. Poor circulation leads to high pressure, and high blood pressure and heart disease, aneurysms and the like.

To stimulate the circulation is used by some medications and therapy. However, natural remedies help you a lot in it and of course, a healthy diet.

Without a healthy and proper nutrition you will not heal, nor will you be cured of some diseases. It is not enough just to use drugs, because they will not be effective if you do not keep it healthy.

Here are some tips whose application will improve circulation, and your overall health:

  • Eat more fiber, that means eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Cut out junk food and drinks, reduce the intake of fat and salt
  • Drink lots of water, about 6-8 glasses a day
  • Stop drinking alcohol or at least reduce
  • Stop smoking
  • Eat fish to enter the necessary omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Massage your feet and move around, doing exercises by lifting the legs, and then perform a circular motion feet.
  • Physical activity does not neglect.
  • Less exposed to stress and anxiety.

Source : http://www.healthyfoodvision.com/you-have-poor-circulation-and-constantly-cold-hands-and-feet-heres-what-you-need-to-do-to-fix-this-problem/