Let’s see, who in this life has not had a hickey has not lived a dating or fun relationship, these are considered excessive displays of love which can not hide unless you have a scarf through or something like that.

Now, medical or scientific level, these are nothing more than a kind of purple or better known as hematomas which are caused by excessive pressure to the skin for a certain time which causes there is a rupture of capillaries giving that aspect of colors.

Many boys when they are in school even play with the ways that these are may form, however, and when we have certain age we can not afford to carry them around in places like our workplace or whatever.

Then we will show you different ways that you can remove these suckers:

Old pack

A cold compress or failing a spoon that has a long time in the refrigerator can help dissolve the blood that is accumulated in this area allowing it to disappear.

The Mint

Peppermint oil works as menthol, cooling and allowing dissolve purple

Rubbing alcohol

Another substance more refreshing and inflammations properties which help to disappear the soother, the important thing is to rub in a circular and constant once or twice a day.

Aloe vera

This plant is more known for its healing properties so there is no doubt that for any hurt skin will be useful, all we have to do is take the glass plant put it in the refrigerator and let this take effect on our skin.

The reality is that it is very easy to remove a hickey and why we will bring you different ways to do it, provided they are completely natural and simple to get when we are in our home, after all we are here to help you a little more each day.

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